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A Little Bit About Me


I meditate, I partake in daily oracle card readings and seek guidance in Numerology and Clairvoyance.  I use crystals and essential oils as my 'go to' medical aids and I am truly fascinated by Emotional Therapy, Colour Therapy and Psychology.  


I have my Reiki II Practitioner's Certificate and I have completed my Aromatherapy Diploma and hold qualifications as a Body Healing Coach. 


I love to read and learn and expand my knowledge in the Holistic, Wellness and Spiritual realm.


As a Pisces I am a dreamer and a healer, with imagination and creativity running through my veins.  I am intuitive, compassionate and inspired by life on a daily basis.  On the flip side, I have a tendency to become restless and always looking at ways to escape reality (as my husband would agree).


Then there is the Numerology side of me, who as a 5 loves variety and has a strong desire for freedom.  I have many things on the go, always changing direction and not staying committed to any one thing for too long.  So basically I am scattered, but focused dreamer!

You'll often find me indulging in my love of the finer things in life, like five-star holidays, day spas and decadent foods, and superficial things like manicured nails, Tiffany & Co and fake tan. 

I also consider those items which some deem as 'the finer things' as 'necessities of life', such as massages, facials, coffee and a really good glass of Malbec (Hayshed Hill, I love you!).

I am not your stereotypical spiritual being.

I am not a hippy.  I am not vegan, I can't do yoga (gasp) and I don't meditate naked under the moon at 4 in the morning (Om).  I still, however, feel spiritually connected even though I eat steak and meditating at a decent hour, fully clothed. 

I hope to empower others to embrace a holistic life of wellness and joy.

My passion also delves into travel destinations, food experiences, health and beauty services and lifestyle practices that combine both a spiritual sense of self and the luxurious conveniences of living in a modern world.  The two can coexist. 

Let me be your point of reference where you can enjoy a holistic and spiritual existence without forgoing comfort and extravagance. 

Let our journey begin.


               Cindy x

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