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Soul Nurturing Reiki Packages


90-minute Holistic Reiki Experience


Once your appointment has been confirmed you will be asked to complete a Client Information Form.  This helps give me an insight into where you are at with regards to your physical and emotional health and what you hope to gain from your session.

From the information received, time is spent researching and preparing your Holistic Reiki Experience specific to your needs.

Your first visit begins with taking an in-depth look into the connection between any physical ailments (both past and present) and the emotional triggers behind this.


This is such an invaluable way to discover how to connect in with yourself and a great opportunity for me to further learn about you so I can provide a more personalised service.

As part of your 90-minute Holistic Reiki Experience we will partake in a grounding exercise to bring us into the present moment before settling in with a cuppa and a chat.

Oracle cards also form part of each Holistic Reiki Experience as I tune into your energy before your arrival.  This will always include a one-card pull from my Colour Therapy and Essential Oil card decks, which are then incorporated into your session.  I will also select a card from an additional Oracle set that I am feeling drawn to for you.


With our newly found insight we get to truly embrace your self-care journey with the use of crystals, essential oils and Koshi Chimes as you relax for some Reiki and Chakra balancing with the Pendulum, followed by either a recorded sound or guided meditation.

To continue the self-care process you will be armed with your "Self-Care Welcome Pack" and a customised essential oil blend to take home with you to enjoy long after our time together.

"I have created this heart-centered offering in hope that it leaves you feeling nurtured, empowered and transformed and will become a regular self-care ritual towards creating the best version of your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual self." Cindy


90-minute Holistic Reiki Experience


It is an honour to welcome you back to continue your self-care journey. 

Investing in yourself for the greater good of your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing deserves to be celebrated.

This is where the true magic happens. 

After our grounding exercise, we look at what oracle cards came up for you and for your returning 90-minute Holistic Reiki Experience we will spend some time reconnecting over a cuppa with how you have been keeping plus anything new you'd like to discuss.

Our time together is more fluid and will be split between our chat and some energy healing as to how it is feeling on the day.  Some days talking will be most beneficial while on other occasions more time investing in Reiki and Chakra clearing is called for.


You will still be holistically nurtured with a card reading, meditation, crystals, Koshi Chimes and your  personally curated essential oil take-home blend.

As mentioned, I feel it's really beneficial to follow up your initial Holistic Reiki Experience with 3 monthly, 90-minute sessions.  It is during these first few months that really allows us to get into a nice rhythm together of reading and managing your energy and also allows me extended time to connect into my intuition for a deeper healing experience.    

I am here to offer guidance and support as you move through these energy shifts and empower you to continue to learn about how your body handles daily stresses, how to connect in with yourself and how to know the signs of when you need to recalibrate.  

I look forward to welcoming you back for the 'experience' .

"I feel it's really beneficial to follow up your initial Holistic Reiki Experience with 3 monthly, 90-minute sessions as these first few months are pivotal in really allowing us to get into a nice rhythm of reading and managing your energy and allowing me to connect deeper into my intuition for your greatest good."   Cindy

Cindy Henderson Reiki Practitioner Perth
Eight Petals Pendulum Healing Perth

"It's such an honour to walk along side you on your continued journey of nurturing, empowerment and transformation.  Never underestimate how amazing you are for honouring yourself.  I am grateful that we have found this healing connection and I am dedicated to your holistic, soul nurturing wellbeing."   Cindy

New client love...

Why I can't fit you in tomorrow.....


I like to allow at least four days lead in time for new clients to give you the opportunity to complete your Client Information Sheet,  and to allow me to connect in, research and prepare for your appointment.  This is to offer you the most personalised, holistic experience.


It's worth it, you'll see.

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