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    Perth, Western Australia


I'm here to help you feel empowered and nurtured.


I've got your back as you navigate your way around the complex and fascinating labyrinth of the mind-body connections of health and wellbeing.


Join my Holistic Wellness Experience where together we work through any chronic or recurring ailments or issues you feel are holding you from being a more vibrant you.


As a Body Healing Coach, it is my opportunity to empower, educate & support you.


Your role is to commit to embracing change & doing the work to become a more empowered version of yourself.


I offer a 90-minute Holistic Wellness Experience which incorporates a Consultation, Energy Healing Session, De-brief & Essential Oil take-home tools.


I am located in Mullaloo, and I welcome you to my tranquil treatment space made for your comfort, with glimpses of the ocean and sea-breeze to wash away your worries before we even get started.  


Each consultation focusses on looking at a chronic illness or any patterns of recurring illness you may be susceptible to and what emotional link may be attached, that causes this reoccurrence. 

Did you know that just acknowledging the emotional attachment of an ailment can be enough of a connection to make a significant shift in your physical state.


Energy Healing offers support to clear any blockages you may have and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, followed by a de-brief on anything I may have intuitively picked up on during your session by using both the Pendulum and Reiki.


And I couldn't let you leave my house without some kind of essential oil elixir in tow to help enhance your wellness experience.  Besides, you deserve it.




Of course you are.  Sick is not normal.  It does not have to be your story.


Your body is designed to heal itself.  


If you already lean towards alternative therapies and like me try to avoid mainstream 'cookie cutter' medicine, or just have this inner feeling of wanting to look at things from a different angle and ready to dive in head first into the unknown then extra points to you.


If you are ready to feel well and are excited to embrace a different kind of healing and learn the amazing insights of metaphysical mind-body health then let's connect.

You have everything to gain.



Each 90-minute Holistic Wellness Experience is $150 and as mentioned includes your recommended essential oils.


Bookings can be made via email or phone on 0411 777 956.


Hope to hear from you soon.


                                                                                     Cindy x