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Let me introduce you to this amazing manifesting elixir.


The essential oils I have chosen for this artisan blend allows you to connect in with your heart's desire and life purpose, allowing your inner confidence and zest for life to shine bright.


The invigorating energy that comes from this blend will make you feel empowered to believe in your unlimited potential.




eight petals uses essential oils purchased from an Australian wholesale company.


They are therapeutic grade 100% pure essential oils that are sourced all around the world where they are grown and packed at maturity to yield the best quality essential oil so that their therapeutic benefits are amazing.   Not to be taken.

  • Eight Petals Aura Spray is not intended to be used topically, but as a mist to be sprayed into the air surrounding you.  Neither does it make any claim to prevent, cure or treat any illness or disease.  Any advice provided on this website is the personal experience/opinion of the author and does not replace the advice of a health practitioner or Doctor. If you are experiencing any health or mental condition please seek the assistance of your General Practitioner.
    Although our products are non-toxic we recommend a patch test be performed to ensure no irritation before applying to it's full extent. In the unlikely event that irritation occurs discontinue use.  Eight Petals does not take any responsibility for incorrect use of the product and cannot assume responsibility for any, damage, loss or injury arising from their use. Enjoy with care.  Not to be taken internally.


    With gratitude and thanks.

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