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Feel balanced and energetically aligned with this complete Crystal Chakra Kit with bonus Master Healing Selenite.


Physical ailments, stress, emotions and mental fatigue from daily life can leave us feeling depleted and lacking a vibrancy that comes from perfectly balanced Chakras.


Reiki is one of the best ways to balance and restore your Chakras, but not realistically possible on a daily basis.  Crystals are a perfect way to keep energetically aligned between sessions.


Carry around with you individually or as a complete kit.  Crystals can be placed in pockets, your bra as you go about your day, or on your desk, your car, house or under your pillow during sleep.


Root + Red Jasper + I Am

Sacral + Orange Calcite + I Feel

Solar Plexus + Honey Calcite + I Do

Heart + Green Aventurine + I Love

Throat + Blue Calcite + I Speak

Third Eye + Sodalite + I See

Crown + Amethyst + I Understand

Master Healer + Selenite


Crystals will be chosen intuitively and may differ in size or colour than shown in photo. 

You will not be disappointed.

  • The use of crystals does not make any claim to prevent, cure or treat any illness or disease. Any advice provided on this website is the personal experience/opinion of the author and does not replace the advice of a health practitioner or Doctor. If you are experiencing any health or mental condition please seek the assistance of your General Practitioner.

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