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Our home is our castle and should be protected as such.


People coming and going, visitors, trades, relatives, family members, uninvited guests all bring with them their energy, both good and bad.


The high vibration of crystals helps disperse any negative energy.  You may come to not notice the difference until the crystals are removed and notice things just feel a bit off.  Trust in them.  They are gifts from the earth.


Placed inside the front door to pounce on any intruders, or around the home where you feel the most stagnant energy sits.  Trust your intuition with this process.


  • Black Tourmaline

Provides protection and removal of fear and brings a grounding energy to the space.


  • Amethyst

Absorbs negative energy, dispels anger and offers spiritual protection.


  • Rose Quartz

This stone of unconditional love promotes forgiveness and provides peace and harmony.


Crystals are chosen intuitively and may differ in size or colour than shown in photo.

You will not be disappointed.

  • The use of crystals does not make any claim to prevent, cure or treat any illness or disease. Any advice provided on this website is the personal experience/opinion of the author and does not replace the advice of a health practitioner or Doctor. If you are experiencing any health or mental condition please seek the assistance of your General Practitioner.

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