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SKU: LOVE100ml

Love heals wounds of the heart and is nurturing and supportive and promotes inner beauty to 'love' yourself. A feminine elixir to surround you in loving energy.




eight petals uses essential oils purchased from an Australian wholesale company and high vibration crystals, along with Reiki Energy infused into each bottle.


They are therapeutic grade 100% pure essential oils that are sourced all around the world where they are grown and packed at maturity to yield the best quality essential oil so that their therapeutic benefits are amazing.  Not to be taken.

  • This product was made with the intention to make you stop, slow down, breathe and give conscious thought to your needs.


    Spray these highly energised elixirs into the air surrounding you and gently breathe in their healing properties through their infused crystal, reiki and essential oil energy.


    Enjoy them.

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