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Bundled together as your sleep companion, this pack contains a full-sized SLEEP Aura Spray, Eye Mask and sleep crystals consisting of Selenite, Angelite and a Rose Quartz Ema Egg plus a carry pouch for taking it with you wherever you may wander.


Be guided into a restful sleep with this artisan blend of essential oils and the nurturing and protective energy of Angelite and Amethyst crystals to help clear your mind allowing you to drift into a deeply submerged, blissful slumber.


Angelite allows you to connect with your angels & guides with this calming stone, where you can peacefully dream, confidently speak your truth, find forgiveness, dispel anger, relieve tension & stress, whilst being protected, nurtured & loved.


Selenite is working tirelessly.  This recharging stone creates balance to realign your chakras during sleep, clears insomnia and brings clarity, insight and peace of mind, while cleansing negative energy.


Rose Quartz heals wounds of the heart & promotes a deeper connection to heart-centered matters including friendships, restoring peace & harmony, evoking trust, faith & compassion to find joy & healing.


patchouli+lavender+vetiver+juniper berry+neroli+frankincense

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