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Sometimes we need to bring out the big guns and this duo is just that.


Cleansing our home, office, car or any personal space where others can encroach upon keeps you free of the negativity they bring to the space, especially after long periods of time or if they have released an outpouring of negative energy.  This could be after a friend has come over and shared her problems filling your space with dark vibes, or after a weekend visit by the in-laws.  It may even be after each client or meeting, not necessarily out of negativity, but just as a way to reconnect to a neutral energy.


Either way it is nice to ritualistically send this energy out of your life.


  • Selenite Wand

This high-vibration Master Healing Crystal can be wafted over items in the space or positioned around the room.  Alternatively, place at the front door to dispel the energy from entering the home.


  • Palo Santo

This 'holy wood' clears out negative energies and brings in the good.  By holding onto the stick, you light the wood, then extinguish allowing the smoke to cleanse the space.  This is done by waving the smoke around the home, area of choice or even yourself, relighting the stick as needed for more smoke.  Make special effort to get into the corners of the house/room as energy tends to get trapped here.

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