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Why the Full Moon and Family Don't Mix..

Updated: May 1, 2020

What does the moon have to do with emotions?

There have always been those legendary tales of how everyone goes crazy during a full moon and thus we look at Easter.

Easter always falls around the full moon and each Easter we embark on catching up with family and friends, not quite realising what we are stepping into.

Is this escalation of emotion due to being forced to ‘play nice’ within the confines of the dysfunctional family gathering or is it the hype of all that sugar?

…I think no to the latter. Surely the antioxidant-rich ‘superfood’ that is chocolate is helping us cope with such occasions. A necessity you might even say.

But I digress... Moving on; unlike Christmas and other family-induced holidays, Easter is determined around the full moon. If you are not privy to the effects of a full-moon bearing its energy upon the earth, then you may not know it’s effect on one’s emotional wellbeing either.

What is Full Moon Energy?

Any Full Moon in general heighten emotions and can bring problems to the forefront. In this instance having forced time together at a time of heightened emotions can only be a recipe for disaster with family tiffs and squabbles over who ‘always’ gets the biggest piece of pie, or who never has to help with the dishes.

But if you take advantage of the moon's energy and use this time of heightened emotions to your advantage and to reflect on why you are reacting as you are, and where these deep seeded thoughts and frustrations are coming from, you may come out the other side an enlightened version of yourself.

Also by taking the time to go deeper and look into why the other person (aka your crazy Aunt Mae) is acting as they are, can bring some understanding and even compassion to diffuse any rising family rage.

Blue Moon and the Throat Chakra

2018's Easter’s Full Moon is about keeping it real. It is also a Blue Moon, which apart from being pretty, ties into so many other aspects of holistic wellbeing. If you investigate your Chakras, your fifth Chakra, the Throat Chakra is represented by blue and is your communication centre; your voice as it was.

Tie this in with Colour Therapy and blue also symbolises communication and the ability to look ahead calmly at situations.

Blue is also a great colour to wear in the company of those who can drain your energy, so don that blue frock and sashay into Easter lunch with a smile of hope and optimism on your face, and the inner knowing that the universe (and your blue knickers) are a force to be reckoned with.

Let this be your guiding force with the Blue Full Moon and embrace its wisdom. Let your Aura shine bright.

A Full Moon is a powerful tool in making you work on yourself, and for those who embrace this opportunity, powerful results rein.

It is important to remember that your emotional wellbeing needs to be nurtured and taking the time to stop, breathe and honour yourself for even a small moment will bring you an inner peace and clarity.

Essential Oils Can Help With Emotions

Along with sleep, hydration and fresh air I find incorporating essential oils as part of my daily routine is what helps me keep my emotions, motivation and feelings in check which is why I created my Eight Petals Aura Sprays.

During highly emotional times, like the full moon, I reply on them more to keep me grounded when I'm feeling restless, loved when I'm feeling judged (even, if only judged by myself), and motivated when I'm feeling drained.

Use in each of these moments to nurture your soul. The ritual-like process of spraying your aura with essential oils for emotional wellbeing can be a great starting point in giving a small moment dedicated to you.

So embrace Easter, enjoy the chocolate, wear a killer blue dress and keep your family on their toes with your ability to remain calm, centered and grounded in the height of family ‘full moon’ friction.

This is the Eight Petals way.

With gratitude and love,

Cindy x

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1 Comment

This was an interesting read ;-) Thank you! Do you sage or energy cleanse around the full moon? I also like to write goals and affirmations around that time of the month.

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