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I'm So Tired! Why Can't I Sleep?

Sleep Anxiety. It's new. It's real. It's time to kick it to the kerb.

Sleep often eludes us.

It plays such an important role in helping us heal on a deep level, emotionally, mentally and physically, so not having a restful, fulfilling sleep night after night is detrimental to our health and wellbeing and ultimately it hinders healing.

I see many clients who suffer from sleep anxiety. Such dread of going to bed knowing that they will be faced with hours of lying there, thinking, stressing, being so tired but unable to fall asleep. It can be debilitating.

We all know about the tried and tested methods of a good night's sleep. You know the drill....

  • Limit sugar/caffeine late afternoon and evenings.

  • Stay off your screens at least an hour before bed.

  • Go to bed the same time each night.

  • No TV on in the bedroom.

  • Have a darkened room.

...Full disclosure, I don't 100% believe in all of these suggestions, and they are all well and good, but they are also external factors that sometimes we can't control, and we shouldn't be punished with a bad night's sleep just because we didn't 'follow the rules'.

A true deep, peaceful sleep comes from a deep, peaceful mind.

Insert buzz word here... Mindfulness.

I can hear you now, "I can't turn my mind off not matter how tired I am or how hard I try. It's impossible for me."

Before you give up on me, hear me out. I've been there. I know some nights it IS impossible and I still have nights lying awake wrestling with my over-enthusiastic brain.

So here is my first nugget of wisdom.... PRACTICE + PERSISTENCE + PATIENCE

Maybe that advice in itself is enough to bore you to sleep, and if so, "You're welcome." My job is done.

But seriously, (and hopefully you're still with me zzzzz), my top tip for a good night sleep is as simple as......

drum roll please....



This is why you can't sleep. You're not giving yourself permission to sleep. So simple, yes, but over time we have just lost our natural rhythm and our bodies are out of kilter. Now would be the perfect time for me to recommend some Reiki and Energy Healing to dust away the cobwebs to give yourself a little reset boost, but I don't want time or money to limit us from moving forward so it's time for some mindful brain re-training in the comfort of your own home, in your own time, for free.


For some of you this will be lifechanging, lightbulb moment worthy and enough to spark that aha moment and some restful zzzz's. For those who need a little further nurturing, please feel free to download my Mindfulness Sleep Companion with my 5 sleep-inducing steps to a better night's sleep.

Lack of sleep can play havoc with our physical and emotional wellbeing. If you are feeling generally unwell, please reach out to your most trusted wellness confidant or consult with your health practitioner and always do your due diligence before trying anything new.

It would also be remiss of me not to share the link to some amazing products that I have curated and use in my nightly sleep routine and also take with me whenever I travel. These items help create a familiarity so my body can recognises it's time for sleep.

Hopefully you are feeling optimistic that sleep is possible for you. Remember to download my free guide and enjoy stepping into your power.

Sending you peace and sleepy vibes. I hope my tips put you to sleep.

With love and gratitude,

Cindy x

Intuitive Reiki Practitioner

Eight Petals Wellness Solutions

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